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We have again updated our popular Android mobile phone app, which lets you read the Bible in Fulfulde (Burkina) wherever you are! This includes not only all of the New Testament, but many books from the Old Testament too. You can search for words, lookup references and important terms in the glossary. With this app you can listen to a high quality recording of the entire New Testament as you read - the mp3 Audio files will be downloaded as you need them and stored on your phone.

New to version 4.0 - you can take notes, highlight verses in different colours, add bookmarks and see the history of verses you've recently viewed. Also, it includes draft versions of some books we are in the process of translating: Leviticus, Deuteronomy and Job. Please do send us any comments or corrections to help us improve this translation.

If you are able - please download the app directly to your phone from the Google Play store, and please rate it! (If you install the app any other way you're not able to give a rating).

Click here to install the application directly to your Android smartphone or tablet from the Google Play store.

Now you can also download an app to read the Fulfulde Arabic script (Ajamiya) version of the Bible. Click here to install.

Alternatively, click below to download the Android application file (APK) to save onto a micro-SD card, which you can then install on the phone. You can also transfer this file from phone to phone via Bluetooth. Unfortunately you can't rate the app on Google Play if you install it this way.