Audio New Testament

The Burkina Fulfulde Audio New Testament is now complete! You can now listen to high-quality recordings of the Fulfulde NT, distribute them on a micro-SD card which can be played on their cell-phone or in a cheap rechargeable radio. The recordings are high-quality, with multi-voice dramatized readings of the Gospels and Acts. You can download the entire New Testament audio with one click by using the download button on the player (lower right corner)

Matthew 1
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In addition we have now updated the Dewtere Laamdo Android app (download it here), so you can now listen to the entire NT and read it at the same time, with each phrase highlighted as you go. The app will download the audio automatically as you need it, and store it on your phone. Alternatively it will play the audio on your phone if it’s already there (and saved a folder called ‘Dewtere Laamdo Fulfulde’). The Ajami (Arabic script) version of the app reads exactly the same way and uses the same mp3 files (download it here).